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Men's League

  2020-2021 Eagle Ridge Men's League


Monday mornings, resuming November 2, 2020. Tee times will run from 8:15 to 9:15 with a maximum of 40 players. Each week is a seperate event so players don't need to play every week. Weekly sign ups start after all players complete their rounds and players have until Friday to sign up for the following Monday. Groups can sign up to play as a foursome or we will pair individuals together.


There will be a weekly entrance fee of $5.00. Prizes will be given out weekly in the form of shop credit. Non-members will receive 20% off the rack rate for their greens fees.


The format is a quota point league based on the Stableford system with quotas determined by handicap.

For more information or to sign upcontact the golf shop at 239-768-1888 today

                                         CONFIRMED February 8, 2021 Tee Times 
                                                (Updated 2/01/2021 At 12:00PM)
8:15 Tee Time: Tom Shearer, Pete Baker, Rob Sanders, Steve Worrell
8:22 Tee Time: Jim Collins, Art Zalzman, Terry Lueder, Larry Cushing
8:30 Tee Time: Steve Mack, Ken Karst, Chuck Flolid, Del Bouchard
8:37 Tee Time:  Lou DeRose,Tom Delaney, Vince Scarano, Irv Atherton
8:45 Tee Time: Rich Dietrich, Bob Daley, Brian Kelly, James Sak
8:52 Tee Time: Wayne Faux, Jack Wahalon, Tim McCormick, Real Lemieux,
9:00 Tee Time: Terry Walzak, Jim Kachuaek, Larry Miarka, Jeff Pascoe
9:07 Tee Time: Charles Blasdel, Hank Dabruzzi, Jason Brod, Steve Swafford
 9:15 Tee Time: Tom Thanasiu, Alex Pociask


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Fort Myers, FL 33912
(239) 768-1888