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Men's League

2018-2019 Eagle Ridge Men's League


Monday mornings, resuming November 6, 2017. Tee times will run from 8:15 to 9:00 with a maximum of 28 players. Players should sign up as league members and each week let the pro shop know whether they will be playing by Friday afternoon if they are going to play the next Monday. Groups can sign up to play as a foursome or we will pair individuals together.


There will be a weekly entrance fee of $5.00. Prizes will be given out weekly in the form of shop credit. Non-members will receive 25% off the rack rate for their greens fees.


The format will be a modified stableford with players receiving points as follows: one point for a bogey, two points for a par, four points for a birdie, and eight points for an eagle (yes an albatross would be 16). Each will have a point quota initially based on handicap. Scores for the day will be determined based on number of point above or below a player's quota. The day's prize pool will be divided by the total number of points over quota to determine the point value. Players who are over their quota will recieve that amount of shop credit for each point over quota.  Quotas will be adjusted weekly based on performance. Players scoring above their quota will have it raised one point for every two points above their quota. Quotas will be lowered by a point for every three point below the quota.

Sign up today at the Golf Shop!  

Tee Times

April 29, 2019
7:45   Gary Moser Rob Sanders   Tom Shearer
 Art Salzman Terry Lueder George Cushing  Lou Derose
8:07 Terry Walczak  Tom Thanasiu  Jim Hailey
 Mike Skelly
8:15  Sal Manganaro  Steve Straka Steve Buccellato  
April 22, 2019 Results
Terry Walczak 4 Pts $12.80
Mike Morra 4 Pts $12.80
Tom Thanasiu 3 Pts $9.60
John Stumpf 3 Pts $9.60
Jim Hailey 3 Pts $9.60
Art Salzman 2 Pts $6.40
George Cushing 2 Pts $6.40
Sal Manganaro 2 Pts $6.40
Tom Shearer 1 Pt $3.20
Terry Lueder 1 Pt $3.20


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