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Ladies League


2016 Ladies League


Wednesday mornings with tee times starting at 8:30. League resumes play October 26,2016. Ladies can sign up to play in the league and get on the roster at the golf shop. Each week players need to sign up to play by Monday at 12:00 noon.


There is a $2.00 weekly fee with weekly prizes in the form of shop credit that can be redeemed for golf shop merchandise. Non-members receive 25% off their green fees.


The format will be a modified stableford with players receiving points as follows: one point for a bogey, two points for a par, four points for a birdie, and eight points for an eagle (yes an albatross would be 16). Each will have a point quota initially based on handicap. Scores for the day will be determined based on number of point above or below a player's quota. The day's prize pool will be divided by the total number of points over quota to determine the point value. Players who are over their quota will recieve that amount of shop credit for each point over quota. Quotas will be adjusted weekly based on performance. Players scoring above their quota will have it raised one point for every two points above their quota. Quotas will be lowered by a point for every three point below the quote.


Results 12/7/2016 All credits earned before December 1st need to be redeemed by December 31st

Phyllis Wayco
3 points 
Kathy Gentry 
5 points
 Tee Pazitney
1 point
 Fran Danek
4 points
 Andrea Abrams
2 points
 Shirley Schweers
1 point
 Kito Miller
1 point
 Pat Koniecki
1 poinnt
Inga Longpre
3 points

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